(CC001) Labradorite Polished Tower


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A Labradorite polished tower is a stunning specimen crafted from the mineral labradorite, which belongs to the feldspar group. Here’s what you can expect from a Labradorite polished tower:

  1. Labradorite: Labradorite is renowned for its captivating iridescence, known as labradorescence, which displays vibrant flashes of colors when the stone is viewed from different angles. These colors can include hues of blue, green, gold, and sometimes even purple or orange. Labradorite is typically gray to black in its base color but can also appear in shades of white, cream, or brown.
  2. Polished Tower: The term “polished tower” refers to the shape and finish of the specimen. A Labradorite polished tower is usually crafted into a tall, slender shape with smooth, polished surfaces. This shape showcases the natural beauty of the labradorite while providing a striking display piece for decor or spiritual practices.
  3. Size and Dimensions: Labradorite polished towers come in various sizes, ranging from small handheld pieces to large statement pieces suitable for display. The dimensions can vary, with some towers being taller and narrower, while others are more squat and broad.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Labradorite is prized for its stunning appearance. The play of colors within the stone creates a mesmerizing effect, making it a popular choice for jewelry, sculptures, and decorative items. A polished tower showcases these colors beautifully, allowing the labradorescence to shine and catch the eye.

Overall, a Labradorite polished tower is a captivating and versatile piece that combines the natural beauty of labradorite with expert craftsmanship to create a unique and striking specimen. It’s sure to make a stunning addition to any collection or space.

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Dimensions 9 × 3 × 17 cm
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