(CC110) Haematite Included Quartz Crystal


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Haematite included quartz crystals, also known as hematoid quartz or fire quartz, are quartz crystals that contain inclusions of hematite, a form of iron oxide. Here’s a brief description:

  1. Quartz Crystal: Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth and comes in many varieties. Clear quartz is the most common type and is prized for its clarity and versatility. Quartz crystals form in a hexagonal prism shape with pointed terminations at each end.
  2. Haematite Inclusions: Hematite is a mineral that typically forms metallic gray to black crystals or masses. When hematite is included within quartz crystals, it can create striking visual effects. The inclusions often appear as reddish-brown to orange streaks, clouds, or patches within the quartz matrix.

Combining these characteristics, haematite included quartz crystals exhibit the clear, transparent nature of quartz with the added visual interest of hematite inclusions. The contrast between the colorless quartz and the reddish-brown hematite can create a beautiful and dynamic appearance.

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